January 20-MEANING OF THE WORD SEVEN. This is the time of the number seven meaning perfection for the Divine natural man, completeness, Oneness with God with His authority of Divine Law. All negative thoughts are transmuted into the Light of God to know we are Spirit Beings. Gen. 1:27. Rev. 9:13-“Then the sixth angel (number of man) blew the Trumpet to get ready for the Kingdom of God is coming. Rev. 11:15-“The seventh angel blew the Trumpet with mighty voices in Spirit Realm shouting the dominion POSSESSION AND KINGDOM OF OUR LORD AND HIS CHRIST TO RULE AND REIGN FOREVER.” Matt. 6:9-“Our Father hallowed Be your name. Your Kingdom come, Your will Be done on earth as in Heaven (Spirit Realm). Give us our Spirit Food and forgive us our mistakes, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

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