This is a beautiful Love story for You special, my Dear.
The Godhead is speaking, so open up your ears to hear.
This story that happened in the past 2,000 years ago.
It is for You this year now in the Present for you to know.

January is a new month, a new day, a new thoughts, and a new year.
This is the time for us to learn more of God’s Love for all of us to hear.
To know that God is the only power, God is in control, and only One God.
We are One with God and One with each other like two peas in a pod.

Know that at the cross, God was in Christ to bring God back to all of us.
We forgot to know we are Royal Children both male and female is a must.
The world reconciliation means bring us back to God where we came from.
Christ Jesus at the cross took away all sickness, pain, death, and then some.

Thank you Christ Jesus what you did for me and for all with so much Love.
You Love us all the same with so much care that we are your Turtle Dove.
We are your reflection in a mirror which means created in your image.
Christ Jesus said that He was telling us that He was finished.

No more pains, suffering, trials, tribulations and no more temptations.
We won’t react, but Let go to mean suggestions or having any frustrations.
We are growing fast to Be God like in everything we do in the Spirit Realm.
God with all His glory, revelations and majesty, we become overwhelmed.

He said, You will be processed on the Potter’s wheel to do great things.
Many Saviors will come from Mt. Zion to Be God like with all that brings.
The Wedding Feast is coming with all ego thoughts Edging God Out to cease.
The Kingdom of God is coming to this earth to finally having World Peace.

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