February 4-MEANING OF THE WORD SHADOW. The number 4 means world wide coverage. A shadow is a reflection of light that forms a shadow of yourself that is not a real person. Our Real Self is a Spirit Being with God before the foundation of the world. We are light Beings. In Ps.23-“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Though I walk through the valley (lowest part of the flesh carnal realm thinking instead of the Spirit Realm on the mountain or heaven.) of the SHADOW OF DEATH, I will fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) no evil.” It is talking about the SHADOW of death meaning death is not real because Christ Jesus at the cross gave us eternal life. The shadow is not your real self because it is not a real YOU. The shadow is the carnal flesh realm that is real in our thinking only. Christ took away pain, suffering, jealousy and so forth of human thinking at the cross. We have all these things in the shadow realm of thinking from human beliefs. We do not miss the mark of who and what we are.  

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