February 21-HOW TO KNOW YOU ARE DYING TO SELF? Not to Be hurt with the insults, Knowing you are a Royal Son and Daughter of God. When your good is evil spoken of, your opinions ridiculed, and you refuse to let anger rise in your heart or even defend yourself by not saying a word with any annoyance, like a clock ticking. When you are content with any climate change, and society to get aggravated with or complaining about issues, and Know that God is in control so we can learn our mistakes and never to choose them again. Not to want compliments, and Know that Christ Jesus is working through you and AS you. When you can see brothers and sisters prosper, and have their needs met to rejoice with them in Spirit not to Be jealous. No rebellion when someone tries to correct you when you Know what God is speaking to you. Our goal is to Know God and the power of the Resurrection to concentrate on Life more abundantly. 

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