February 15-YOU ARE A CO-CREATOR WITH GOD. Rise above the thoughts of separation to the power of God. You will feel as though you were in an infinite sea of unobstructed Life. This place in the Mind of Christ is the Source or Substance of all action and creativity. This happens in the innermost part of your Being in your Real Self. Just as a plant turns to the sun, your thoughts turn to the Power given you from your WORDS. Whatever you decree, state or affirm within the Christ in you will produce Life and positive results. You are the mouth piece of God. I climb the latter upward into the Realm of Spirit above all confusion, passing through all clouds of fear and doubt to real eyes my Identity as Royal Sons and Daughters with all the attributes of God within me. I can see Love everywhere, and the Light of God in each person that I meet is a Holy Encounter. No more mean people with mean words can touch me and cause my body pain and suffering. 

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