December 6-NO VACANCY FOR EGO THOUGHTS IN THE INN. Because I AM filled with Love, Joy and Happiness, I AM Putting a big sign in front of my body saying, no vacancy for pain, suffering, negative talk or feelings. No mind of human thinking, no hurtful emotions from mean people, no man made beliefs and laws. I have no vacancy for bad news and disappointing events. No vacancy for stress, anxiety, depression, criticism, idle talk, unbelief, and human behavior. My life is filled with all that God has for me. . I belong to a Royal family with Royal rewards. No doom and gloom only the King-dom within. I AM created in the image (reflection in a mirror) and likeness (exact copy) of God both male and female. I AM learning who and what I Am and why I AM here. I AM here at this time to awaken the people who have an unknown God, and to tell them that You are the dwelling place of God within. Christ is welcomed within me and You.

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