December 5-CHANGING MISTAKES TO VICTORY. 2 Cor. 6:14-“For what fellowship has righteous with unrighteousness, and what communion has light (understanding) with darkness (negative carnal human thoughts of doom and gloom)?” Can we see good in everyone because the seed of God is within them when they do not know this Truth? I can refuse to accept anything that is not good (God) from coming into my experience. God does not create and support evil, but we do with our carnal human beliefs and rituals. We do not have failures because we have another chance to make things right. There is no guilt or condemnation in our lives. Erasers on pencils are there to correct our mistakes. We are Spirit Beings with a human material form instead of a Spirit Body. I AM Health, Happiness, Love and Joy because this is what I choose. God is in the center of my life. I give no person or situations the power to take away my joy because I Am Love, Peace and Joy. I can change by life by changing my thoughts and renewing my mind to the Mind of Christ that is already there. No guilt or condemnation exist.

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