December 4-GREATEST GIFT. The greatest gift from God is that God extended Him-self into all of us with Unconditional Love because God is Love. Romans 8:36-“Who shall separate us from the Love of God.?” Do you Love yourself or do you criticize yourself by saying, “I AM not smart, pretty, good enough and the list goes on.? You make criticisms about yourself, you are mocking God’s Perfect Creation and killing the Christ of your Being. The power that is given to us is not to manipulate -manage unfairly or dishonesty or to dominate others by force to make a point of your belief to control others beliefs. We allow God to work through us and As us. Love is the key ingredient for a happy life. Everything is a pattern after the Heavens. It is time to reveal the Unknown Mother God that is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives us Unconditional Love. “Genesis 1:27-Let Us make man in our image (reflection in a mirror and likeness (exact copy of man in Our image both male and female.” The Holy Spirit is our Comforter, voice of God, gap between man and God, teacher, still small voice inside of us and so on.

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