December 3-RECHARGE YOUR BATTERY FOR GOD. A battery is cells that provide electric current. Our battery is our Life Source in God only. Each day we must charge our battery like you do with a cell phone. If the battery is low lacking Spiritual Food for the day, you will miss out how to hear from a Living God who is in control of our lives. I want my battery charged each second so I can’t miss what the Holy Spirit is speaking to me directly according to my plan and purpose. Some of us have batteries that don’t work any more because it lacks a new battery which means to be Born Again into the Spirit Realm which is already there, but we forgot we are Spirit Beings thinking we are just human beings living in a Spiritual world.This world of Spirit has no pain, suffering, dis-ease, or anything that we forgot that Christ Jesus took away at the cross and brought us Resurrection and said “It is finished.” At the cross Christ completely took away any human thoughts of horror and death, and gave us the Mind of Christ. Think about this very carefully when you are in pain. It no longer exist.
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