December 2-CHANGE YOUR NAME TO CHANGE YOUR NATURE. Everyone who ever had a experience with the Living God had a name change because their nature was changed. Jacob’s name was changed from Jacob meaning heel catcher, liar in wait, supplanter, leaving behind to Israel Prince with God. Saul name was changed from asked for; desired; demanded; wished who was going to kill the Christ in each person because of his zealous in his search for God, but filled with the religious desires and ideas being taught to his previous training that he resisted the true Christ understanding. His name was changed to Paul meaning restrained; reduced; made small, little. He was arrogant, self ego, and all the traits of human thinking. Paul represents the Word of the Spirit of Truth. He was blinded by human teaching to know who and what he is. Christ Jesus taught us our new nature which is Christ. Our name is changed to I AM. We are the Prince and Princess of God. Peter’s name changed to little rock instead of unyielding, large rock.

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