April 2-PALM SUNDAY. It is a day of celebration of victory, and the acceptance of the Truth. A vast crowd took branches of palm trees to meet Christ Jesus riding on a donkey. Rev. 7:9-“After this I looked and a vast host appeared of every nation from all tribes, people and languages. They stood before the throne and before the Lamb (Christ and all of us). Their robes was white with palm branches in their hands.” A palm tree does not bend with human thinking as man made things instead of God teaching us to Be Spirit Beings. Christ Jesus was their King, and their Savior. Crucify Him because He said,” I and my Father are One”. Crucify is a human word used for killing someone. It is not a Being on the outside of us like a devil meaning deviate from the Truth. This is in a person’s own mind with temptation to partake of good and evil. They thought they were getting rid of Christ Jesus instead they completed His plan, and it is Finished No More Death Instead Of Resurrecting Eternal Life in the Spirit Realm.

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