April 18-GLORY OF THE STARS, MOON AND SUN. Eighteen is the number One God and 8 the number of New Beginning. The stars are a dim lights, but the lowest realm of human thinking. Stars are revelations of truth that is yet remote. The human mind can not conceive the wonders of God. A star led the way of the Wise Men to find the Christ our inner conviction of our Divine son ship. Every star is also a sun. The stars light negative thoughts that appear in our night. The moon is considered to be Worldly thoughts with greed and selfishness of human thinking of ego thoughts that Edge God Out. The sun is the top our spiritual experience the Real Truth of our Being that can never be reached by thieves and robbers. This Son, Sun lights up our whole world , and teaches us the Light of God is within us and AS Us. The sun is letting God rule our lives with Love with all our heart and soul. We are the Light of the world in dark places where negative thinking exist.

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