April 10-STORY OF WORM AND BUTTERFLY OUR TRUE STORY. When we fell from Spirit Beings to human beings on earth as the worm eating everything beliefs and rituals of religion instead of the Truth of Christ within us with our saliva (Christ Jesus spit on the blind man so he could see) man made its own tomb with flesh, matter, sin, sickness and death with negative thoughts and actions to sort out the real from the illusions in the cocoon state. We need to crucify our Illusions to experience resurrection, new birth, born again life with a new name or nature. Then the pupa before adult stage begins will come forth to a beautiful butterfly. The tomb is empty. The DNA of human blood is transformed to the Blood of Christ into Light. The water of human Life is transformed to the “River of Life flowing out from me to make the Lame to walk and the blind to see.” The butterfly only eats of Pure Spirit to listen to the Voice of God. No more human emotions only Unconditional Love of Spirit God.

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